We have raised $200,000 dollars in our first round of investment because of the work you guys have done. We are glad to have Overscore as part of the BarBuddy family.
— Thomas Neiman, Founder of BarBuddy

BarBuddy approached us with an idea to transform the way people discover nightlife around them and to lead them towards the night they’ll remember for a lifetime. We were trusted with the responsibility to create a brand strategy and brand design that reflected the lifestyle of the customers as well as the company.

Brand Strategy

We met with the three co-founders of BarBuddy to discuss what BarBuddy was, wanted to be, and who they wanted to reach. We discovered that BarBuddy had an energy and adventurous spirit that was contagious; an aura that made everyone smile, laugh and have a great time. Together, we narrowed down BarBuddy to these core brand attributes:

  • Exploratory

  • Fun

  • Engaging

  • Freedom

  • Empowerment

  • Personal

Through this collaborative process, we were able to perfectly align with the needs and wants of BarBuddy in order to deliver them a brand strategy that would lead them to success.       


Brand Design


To start the brand design, we analyzed how empowerment, freedomengagement, and exploration would visually appear in the brand and in a visual icon. Not only did we want the BarBuddy logo design to be all of the things above, we also wanted it to be fun, yet personal, and deliver that in a logo that looked great in big and small sizes. 

As we were looking for branding inspiration, we were intently looking for images that embodied freedom and fun. With the images laid out in front of us, we asked, "what is the commonality between all of these pictures?" We quickly noticed an element that we all associate with celebration and good times; confetti. This was the lightbulb moment, and it became clear that confetti floating freely and colorfully would be the key brand element.


Logo Design

Building on the idea of confetti becoming the brand element of BarBuddy, we looked at ways to incorporate the brand attributes exploratory, engaging, and personal. First of all, we would engage people’s attention by using curved edges that met at a central point, drawing their attention to the center of the logo. The central point also doubled down to represent the personal nature of the brand by visually pulling large amounts of external content and curating it for each user's preference. Lastly, we curved the shapes outward, mimicking the explosion of confetti, to embody exploration.