I have worked with a number of design professionals over the years and none are as efficient and thoughtful as you are about creating identities.
— Steve Horenstein, Founder of NWPSC

Northwest Partners for a Stronger Community approached us to design a logo for their organization; an organization that helps kickstart infrastructure projects to make communities better, safer, and nicer. Located in the Portland/Vancouver metropolitan area, which is divided by the Columbia River and connected by the Columbia River Bridge, NWPSC wanted to focus on bridging neighborhoods to improve the quality of life.


Design Development

When thinking of NWPSC's purpose, we knew that their main focus was to get community-improving infrastructure projects built in order to connect people in the Portland Metropolitan Area. After much thought, we came to notice that the answer had been under our nose the entire time. The correct brand direction for NWPSC was to use a bridge as the symbol of breaking barriers and bridging communities together. 

Logo Construction.png

We began by designing the side-profile of a suspension bridge, the potential replacement for the current Columbia River Bridge, to show NWPSC's vision towards a better future. By using ellipses, we created a rough outline of the bridge.


Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 2.05.27 PM.png

Finalizing the logo

Once we had the outline of the shape, we finalized the bridge by using the rule-of-thirds. With this, we were able to flatten the top of the structure beams and find a visually balanced ratio between all of the dimensions in the logo.



NWPSC Blue on White.gif


Mock-Up Logo.png
NWPSC Business Card Mock-up.png
NWPSC Stationary.png
Logo Mock-Up.png